A Platform for Businesses
A digital platform connecting Retailers, Entrepreneurs, Brands & the next billion Customers in the neighbourhoods
Who should work with Neibre?
Retail Shop Owners
who would want to Earn more Income without any inventory or investments
Entrepreneurs & Distributors
who would want to Start or Expand their distribution Business without any investments
Brands & Manufacturers
who would want to reach out to More Consumers beyond search engines & social media
Retail shop owners - Grow your Business, with no Inventory or Investments
Download the App & Register
It doesn't take more than 2 minutes & is absolutely free
Browse & share products and details
Let your customers know that you are selling it
Follow up & book orders for them
It takes less than 3 minutes to do it in your App
Track Delivery & keep customers informed
All digitally from your app & even share the status with them
Earn your commission
Once delivery is complete, your commissions get paid
Why work with Neibre?
You own your business & We make it work better for you
For Retail Shop Owners
No stocks or investments !
Good Margins !
More Customers !
For Distributors
Expand the business !
Better Returns & more Income !
An Easy Digital Business !
For Brands & Manufacturers
A Distribution network !
Spend on Sales, not on just leads !
Better Product Visibility !
For Customers
A Face to do business with !
Discovery of New Products !
A Recommendation value !
Retail shop owners - Join & Grow your Business
Sell More to Earn More !
With no Inventory or Investments
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+91 9321233598
Reach out to the neighbourhoods
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