Our Vision

Neibre aspires to connect human beings even when Digitization threatens to tear us apart. We live in times when families don't talk to each other but are posting personal news and views on social media.

People are buying and ordering services from home on their phones when they dont know its available right outside their door but they don't know the stores, the shops, the deals or the people doing business locally....only because nobody wants to step out anymore.

What we wish to do?

Neibre nurses the dream of stitching back human society. We will use technology to undo the damage of technology. Technomics will transform how businesses are run locally and how successful they will be.

Neibre wants people to know each other again. We aim to reconstruct relationships, real communication and build stronger neighborhoods that will soon reshape the country because....people are the heart of the nation while how we all connect is the spine of our strength. 

It's not just a Business

Neibre is not just a business. We are a nation building endeavour that hope's to save small businesses and fortify