Vignesha from Hyderabad

I am Vignesha from Hyderabad. I was never interested in a desk job. From the time I can remember, I have loved travelling and meeting people. When I finished graduation my father who was a retired collector expected me to study further.

But I was clear why do I need to study more when what I want to do is travel and meet people.

Life begins...

At first my uncle was sought to get me a job. He placed me in the front office of a plush 4 star hotel in Chennai. I hated everything about that job. I am not cut out to stand at one place and stay calm doing nothing. I quit within 2 months and came back to Hyderabad but my father had no clue. I worked as a salesman for an IT company selling software packages. I liked this job better. I was meeting people, I travelled a lot, no one day was like the last or even one hour like the last. That's when I realised my calling. I am a 'people's person'.

And goes on..

After 7 years of doing sales in various companies I got bored. By then I was 30 already and needed more money if I wanted to settle down. That's when a friend talked to me about selling his farm house on the outskirts of the city. We were just having tea at a stall when he mentioned their 7 acre property was on sale. Suddenly I remembered one of my clients had mentioned wanting to buy a second home outside Hyderabad that year. I called my client and shared details. I went to see the farm house and it was like a picnic with a nice bunch of investors. They liked the place. It was the coolest 14lks that landed in my account. There was no looking back. 

I started my own estate consulting office. I earn a good 50lks a year of profit. I have 4 young boys hired on the team. I am on the road, local roads or the highways....either way the sun and I are good friends now. The sun burns me into a crisp and as reward I earn clients, connections, friends and money. 

I need a change..

The only thing that changed in the last 10 years is my skin that weathered from a rosy pink to a dark brown. But what I can boast of is knowledge of every nook and corner of this city, every retailer, expert and business. As I age I see a need to diversify. Do something that does not require me to move around so much but still earn what I need. Technology is doing much and I dont feel shy to join this change.